10Muse will harmonically combine your NAS, media players and iPad into the most fun to use video distribution system. Designed to be guest and child friendly, the 10Muse intuitive user interface offers instantaneous access to any movie in any room of the house. Together with the iPad's accessibility, long batterie life and gorgeous screen, it  will present your movie collection in a revelating state-of-the-art fashion, that will excite owners, guests and family members alike.
Sort your movies collection by production year, critics rating or the date you added them to the system. Filter the displayed movies by genre, production country or find the movies of your favorite actor or director. Filter by picture quality to get only your high definition movies.
'Library Manager' scans your shared folders and identifies your movies. It then automatically downloads movies information and images from various internet sources.
Every bit of information about your movies can be edited to your liking. You can add you own images or cover scans and choose your preferred cover or fanart that will be exported to the iPad. You can even add media that are not included on the on-line databases, like your sport recordings or self-made videos.
Simply insert the series's tvdb code and the 'Library Manager' will download information and images from thetvdb for both the series and all episodes, including banners, fanarts, actors images and episodes screenshots. The iPad app makes navigation of TV-Shows and episodes collection easy  and fun.
You can hide all your media players remote controls, since 10Muse's in-movie control includes all important commands like position skip, audio-subtitle track cycle, volume change or menu navigation controls.
Multiple entries can be grouped together so they appear as a single entry on the iPad application. Useful for multi-part movies, extra features in optical discs or collection boxes.
You can add a trailer for every movie, either in it's own folder or inside the movie's shared folder with one of the predefined suffixes. The iPad application offers the choice to initiate playback for either the main movie or the trailer.
Control and initiate playback in every room of the house from one or multiple iPad clients.
With the use of a Dropbox account, the export files can be transfered to the iPad with a click of a button, thus bypassing use of iTunes. Simply export from 'Library Manager' to the cloud and click 'Update' on the iPad app. To make update of big collections even more comfortable, Library Manager keeps track of the changes and only uploads new or changed files to the cloud. In a similar fashion the iPad application only downloads the new files.
10Muse Library Manager will extract all technical information from the media files like Resolution, Video and Audio codecs, Audio Channels, Bitrate, Aspect Ratio and others. The iPad application will present this information on the movie's fanart page.
Creating a Trailers collection has never been that easy! Library Manager will not only download YouTube trailers but will also convert them to .mkv, rename and copy them into your Trailers folder and download info and images. All with a click of a button!
A detailed guide on how to setup 10Muse can be found here.
Post a tweet for any movie, directly from inside the iPad app. Your twitt will automatically be enriched with hashtags, imdb link and a picture containing cover, fanart and main movie info.

Instructions here.